What child does not love pizza? Well, I imagine there are some but for the most part just about every child loves pizza. Now combine pizza loving children with schools who are always looking for tours, fundraisers, rewards, etc... to help motivate their students, reward academics & good behavior, and fund their programs and you have an enormous opportunity for your pizzeria. There are three main ways to partner up with the schools.

#1 Tours:  My pizzerias have given countless tours to children from schools all across their counties and beyond. There is something about watching a 60 quart Hobart mixer mixing a batch of dough, feeling the 600 degrees from a stack of brick ovens, and even getting to walk into a refrigerator the size of a bedroom that amazes children. Take this amazement and tie it together with some good nutritional information about pizza and explain the science behind the rising of the dough, topped off with kids making their own pizzas and you have a very successful and fulfilling day for the teachers, kids, and yourself. Give each child a FREE Pizza certificate when they leave and now you are almost guaranteed a repeat customer!

#2 Merit Awards: Positive reinforcement has been shown to be a great motivator for children. Encouraging them with awards, recognition and ...... FREE Pizza is an awesome way to give them an extra nudge to help them do their best. Offer up FREE Pizza certificates to the local schools to be used for children who make the honor roll, have perfect attendance, or any other merit based achievement.  Pizza parties for class-wide achievements is great too.

#3 Fund Raisers: No undoubtedly you will have your door knocked down by every group in the community wanting you to donate cash, door prizes, sponsor teams, and so on. Resist the urge to open your pocketbook and hand over cash to these groups (unless you have more cash than you know what to do with) and instead offer to partner up with a fund raising program. Schools are very familiar with a wide variety of fundraising methods and many of them I refuse to participate in. There is a whole business segment out there that makes tons of profits at the expense of schools, parents, and children. Those of you who have children in school have undoubtedly been forced to help your child sell discount cards, fruit, cookies, cups, bleacher pads, t-shirts and so on. What you may not know is that the school often gets very little return from this effort. I have seen some of these companies take as much as 90% of the proceeds!

I like to always keep things local and really, truly give back. I have developed a fund raising program for my local schools that allows me to let them keep 70 - 80% of the proceeds! Not only do schools, non-profits, ans charities get to keep the bulk of the revenue but it helps my pizzerias generate revenue as well ad pick up new customers. Using a great product from the guys at Vision Marketing called a Peel-A-Deal card. These cards are inexpensive when bought in quantity, fit easily into your wallet, and when you sell them for $10 they are a very easy sell for the school.

Image courtesy of Vision Marketing

Image courtesy of Vision Marketing

In a nutshell here is how I designed my program to work: The groups reserve a spot on the calendar (no more than a month), sign an agreement, pick up the cards, sell them for $10, and at the end of the term they pay you $2 - $3 for each card they sold (or didn't return) and they keep the rest. Simple and easy. No commitments, no long term contract, and no extreme profits for a middle man. Just a local pizzeria generating new customers/sales while giving back to the community.

I have put together a pack of Microsoft Word documents that is a designed to be a 99% ready to go solution for you to get partnered with the school. For just $4.99 you can have a ready to go flyer to advertise your school partnership program, an advertising piece for the fundraiser program, a sign up form, employee procedure, and a log the track the program. Just insert your logo, pizzeria information, image of the Peel-A-Deal card, and customize to fit your needs. Click here to purchase the instant download!